One Simple Trick To Stay In State

If you want something to become a reality in your life, then you have to think and act from that state. The problem for most people is staying in state can be hard. When you have so many things happening in your life it can be hard to think and act in your new reality.

Whether you want more money are the person you love to come into your life you need to think and act a certain way that will bring it about. Doing this is hard for most. Over time though you will develop a knack for just being a certain way which makes things happen faster.

What I’m going to show you in this post is a simple trick I use that allows me to stay in state most of my days and live the life I want.

Wear A Reminder

To become the person you want to be you have to shed the old person. The only way you can do this is by constantly being in the state of the new person that you want to be. To make this easy you can start wearing something that reminds you of the person you want to be.

A simple hand band can remind you to think abundantly and act abundantly.

What messes most people up is that they have situations in their lives that take them out of state and this is what holds them back. Sometimes they get taken out of state and can’t return to the state that they need to be in to get what they want.

When you have something on that you see often you are reminded of what you should be thinking and feeling despite what is happening around you.

It helps you to move and stay in the state that you need to be in.

So find something to wear and make it your reminder.

Set Your Wallpaper

Again this isn’t some profound deep knowledge this is simple and to the point. Most of us spend lots of time looking at our phones. Why don’t we use the same phones to program our minds. Well set your phones wallpaper and make it a reminder again.

Set it to something that will remind you of the state your trying to accomplish. Now every time you answer a call are use your phone you are reminded of your state whether you need to change it in this moment or maintain it.


To be honest that’s all there is to it. Wear something that reminds you of your state and change your phone’s wallpaper to remind you of yours state.

All the peace to you. All the best on your dreams.

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