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Over the last few weeks I’ve been able to make some real money using the power of YouTube like this:






Hi there,


First off I want to say thank you for visiting this page. In this guide, I’ll be showing you how I use the power of YouTube to make money. It’s something I do and I’ll be showing you step-by-step how to get it done so you can start making money. 


If you’ve been wanting to make money online, but can’t seem to get anything to work you will like the information in this guide. You’ll have to put in some work, but once you get the hang of it then it gets easier. 


I won’t keep you any longer so again thank you and let’s get right to it.


Process Overview


So basically what we’ll be doing is CPA marketing using free traffic from YouTube. CPA stands for Cost Per Action. It’s a lot easier than trying to get a sale on Clickbank. The reason being on Clickbank a person has to buy something whereas CPA pays you if you get a person to take an action.


This action could be signing up for a service where you get paid if the person puts in their email. Or you could also be paid if a person downloads an app and uses it for a specified amount of time. It’s the same process I used to get you to download this guide.


YouTube is one of the largest search engines on the planet owned by one of the largest search engines on the planet which is Google. If you’re like me then you spend an insane amount of time on YouTube and it’s only right to make money from that time.  


With the power of YouTube you’re enabled to reach a wider audience using the power of video. You can get thousands of people viewing your videos while you make money.


All right so let’s jump into getting this CPA money shall we. 


Step 1 – Sign Up for Ogads or CPABuild


You need offers in order to make money. For this we’ll be using OGads and CPABuild.






These are two of the most popular networks and have a good track record. Go ahead and sign up for them now. 


Step 2 – Determine Your Niche


The niche you choose will determine the amount of money you’ll be able to make from this method. To find a niche we’ll be using YouTube. 


Before we get started you’ll want to download vidIq. This is a nice little app that allows you to take a look at the different stats of different videos on YouTube. It also helps you to determine if a niche is worth giving a shot. 


After you’ve installed VidIq head over to YouTube and search for “get for iOS and Android” or any phrase along those lines. By searching for these types of phrases you’re able to find what videos people are producing and what niches they are doing them for. 


After you’ve typed in the phrase hit the filter button on the top right and filter by month. Again this allows you to see the most recent videos and what they are aiming for. To keep things simple we are going to be targeting the game hack niche for now. 


This niche is a little trickier to get started with but the reward for a ranked video is worth it. I had one video ranked in the games hack niche making me $10+ per day. Ten more videos making that amount and you have a cool $100 per day. 


Again to reach these numbers you’ll have to put the work in.


So take a look at some of the videos and write down the games they are targeting. Also watch the videos to see which domain they direct you to because we may have to use these sites to create our website. 


Step 3 – Create Your Landing Page / Website


For this method to be successful you need somewhere to send your visitors to. For this you’ll need a website to copy. If you have the skills to build a website then sure go ahead and make your website. 


Copying a Web Page


You can use HTTrack to copy a web page and Visual Studio Code to edit the webpage that you copied.


Here’s a video that shows you how to copy and webpage and edit it. 


Rip + Clean a Landing Page for CPA Affiliate Marketing


Now head over to to purchase a domain name. 


Make your domain name something along the lines of games and mods. 





You get the idea. 


After you’ve purchased your domain name you’re going to need a way to get your domain online. You can either use paid hosting like which is faster or netlify which is free the choice is entirely up to you. 


I’ve used both and the main difference is speed, but if you’re strapped for cash I would suggest going with netlify. It works just as well and you can pay for after you’ve made some money. 


Here’s a quick video showing how you can go about setting up your website on netlify.


Host Your Affiliate Landing Pages Free with Netlify + Cloudflare CDN


Step 4 – Buy or Use Old Youtube Accounts


The main part of the method is uploading videos to YouTube so obviously you are going to need YouTube accounts. If you have aged YouTube accounts you can use them, but please note if you intend to use these accounts in the future you may have them banned when we start uploading videos. 


So make sure it’s an account you simply don’t have any use for. Or you could invest in some YouTube accounts and start using those. I’ve done it both ways and I’ve lost my account so I had to end up buying older accounts anyway. 


Here’s where I get my accounts from:


I’ve been using these services and they’ve been good so far. Again make sure you do your research before you purchase anything. 


Step 5 – Creating Your Video


We’re in the games hack niche so we’ll be making those videos you see with the numbers going up and up. 


For this you’re going to need:


Photoshop(Paid) or Photopea (Free)


Adobe After Effects(Paid) or Davinci Resolve(Free for what we need)


I use Photopea and Davinci Resolve both are free and they allow me to get what I need done. You should be able to get them to work as well.


Here’s a video on how to make the game hacks videos. 


How to Make A CPA Fake Proof Video! 📈 | CPA Marketing 2019


If you don’t have the skills but want to have your videos professionally made then feel free to check out the link below: 


You’ll want to ensure that all the steps are clear and that the website you want them to go to is clear in the video. It’s also good to add a flashing watermark in the video just to ensure they get the website right.


You don’t want to link to the website in your video description because YouTube will only take the video down faster. You only want to show the website in the video.


Video Voice Over


Having a voice to your video is the difference between a high converting video and low converting one. Voice to a video will make people trust your video more. It will help them to feel like you’re a real person and you aren’t trying to pull a fast one on them. 


For this reason I always recommend you add a voice to your videos. You don’t have to add a voice to your video, but it can help to improve your conversion rate.


You can record the voiceover yourself or you can use a website like to do it for you. To me is the best choice. They even offer you a limited amount of credits free per month. You should be able to use these to make your videos.


All you do is type up your script in the box, adjust the settings and hit generate. Your script is simple, you just write or talk about the things you’re doing in your video. 




Adding music to your videos helps again to make them feel real. You don’t have to be a music producer to get some nice music for your videos. In fact you can just go to YouTube Audio Library and use the music they have there. Find a tune that fits your video and you’re good to go.


Step 6 – Ranking Your Video


So you’ve got your website setup. You’ve done your video and if you haven’t done these steps please go back and get them done. Without any of this done this step won’t make any sense so please go back and follow each step.


All right so you’ve got all this done now we need to get your video up on YouTube and ranking so you can start making some money. 


First head over to YouTube and log into your account. Once you’re logged into your account just hit the create button and select upload video.




Having subtitles for your video is important. With the improvement of Artificial Intelligence YouTube is now better able to determine what your video is about due to the subtitles of the video. 


This helps the ranking of the video as well. It’s a good practice to aim for the first few words of your video to mention the keyword you’re targeting. From there, you’re just talking about what you’re doing in the video.


Voice SEO 


Now this isn’t something a lot of people think about when they’re making videos for YouTube but again with AI I think it’s something that’s very important to ranking your video. Just like you did with your subtitles you should automatically mention what your video is about in the first few seconds and minutes of your video. 


Again this helps YouTube to determine and rank your video based on what people are searching for.


Naming Your Video


For choosing the name of my video I try to use something that people are naturally searching for. So something like “how-to-get-unlimited-coins-and-gems-for-whatever-your-game” is what I would name my video.


Once you’ve named your video file, when you upload it to YouTube that’s the name that will show up. You can change it but again I like to keep my video names to something people naturally search for.


Video Description 


In the description of your video you want to use your keyword about three times. So if it’s unlimited coins and gems you want to use it in a natural way three times in your description.


“In this video we’ll be taking a look at how to get unlimited coins and gems in whatever the game. This game is a really fun game and you’re sure to have a blast but the problem is not having enough coins and gems. After looking around I’ve managed to find a simple way to unlock unlimited coins and gems.” 


Try to use as much characters as you can and remember to mention your keyword at least three times. 




Tags are not that important, it just makes it easier to categorize your video. YouTube has made it known that tags don’t add much weight to where you rank in the searches. It’s a good practice still to add them to your video. 


Also, because you have VidIq installed you should be able to get some recommendations on good tags. Use those tags on your videos and keep it rolling. 


Boosting your Video


When you’re just getting started in the YouTube game it can be hard for your channels and videos to get traction in the beginning. This is why we need to use a little boost. You can buy views for your videos to get them some traction and once they do you just rinse and repeat. 


The way you boost videos is by the use of an SMM Panel. It’s a little difficult these days to find good panels but the best I’ve been using so far is:




This panel is more expensive than some of the other choices out there but you get what you pay for. The quality of this panel is the best I’ve come across in a long time. Some other good choices that may fit your budget are:




For me it’s better to pay more and have quality than to choose one because it’s cheaper and have my hard work suffer because of it. 


What Now?


Well you can sit and wait to see if your video will rank in YouTube or you can go ahead and create a next video and a next one and keep repeating until you have a whole army of videos out there working for you. 


Things to note 


YouTube is cracking down on these these types of videos so there are a few things you want to ensure:


  1. Use older channels or warmed up channels
  2. Don’t post game hack videos immediately instead post some random video and buy views
  3. Try not to post more than 2 videos per channel. Of course you can post more, but it’s riskier
  4. Try not to show your locker in the videos as this can make your video get taken down faster.




When it comes to making CPA money on YouTube you have to be fast. The more videos you get up the faster your earnings will grow and the more you’ll earn. I suffered because I simply took too long to get videos uploaded. 


If you can get your videos done faster and uploaded you stand a better chance in this game. Also, keep some channels on hand because you’re bound to lose some. Last but not least remember you have to work hard. 


If you want to make money then you’ll have to put in the work. It doesn’t matter what method you try you have to put in the work if you want to see results. Without the work you just have a dream and it’s time to make your dream of making money online a reality. 


Take action today! Take action now!


Happy earning!